Table 3: Spearman’s correlation values for species richness (SR), phylogenetic diversity (PD), net relatedness index (NRI), and nearest taxon index (NTI) in cells with exceptionally high PD in the Bahia Costal Forest (BCF) and Chapada Diamantina (CD), using 0.5° × 0.5° and 0.08° × 0.08° cells, with (Nc) and without (wNc) one neighborhood cell; asterisks indicate the significance values ().

value value value value value

BCF0.5° Nc0.0003*0.90.910.470.820.72
0.5° wNc0.005*0.860.790.120.380.028*
0.08° Nc0.01*0.620.
0.08° wNc0.019*0.570.370.170.310.38

CD0.5° Nc0.002519*0.920.75990.750.870.75
0.°5 wNc0.01*0.850.210.750.380.39
0.08° Nc0.920.00070.640.07
0.08° wNc0.0002*0.780.0020.740.180.12