Review Article

A Review of Indocyanine Green Fluorescent Imaging in Surgery

Figure 2

Simple image processing and pseudocoloring: ICG-VA frames of a leg (toes up) after the injection of ICG: (a) at about 30 s showing deep lying arteries in red, (b) at about 60 s showing mainly capillaries in yellowish green, (c) at about 90 s showing mainly subcutaneous veins in blue, and (d) fusion of the first three images. Image processing steps: negative of the original image and some intensity remapping. Fusion by using CMYC model. For more information see [5]. The original B/W images were taken with PDE by Dr. Hiroaki Terasaki (visiting HUCH from Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital of Medicine) and later processed by one of the authors (P. Välisuo).