International Journal of Corrosion / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

Effects of Air Pollution on Materials and Cultural Heritage: ICP Materials Celebrates 25 Years of Research

Table 2

Reported environmental data from ICP Materials test 1987–2009: X: mandatory; (X): optional; —: not reported.


TemperatureT °CXXXX
Relative humidityRh%XXXX
Time of wetnessTowhX
SunshineaSunMJ m−2XXX
SO2 concentrationSO2μg m−3XXXX
NO2 concentrationNO2μg m−3XXXX
O3 concentrationO3μg m−3(X)(X)XX
HNO3 concentrationHNO3μg m−3(X)b(X)X
Precipitation: amountPrecmmXXXX
(i) conductivityCondμS cm−1XXX(X)
(ii) pHpHXXXX
(iii) , , Cl-variesmg L−1XXXX
(iv) , Na+, Ca2+, Mg2+, K+variesmg L−1(X)(X)(X)(X)
Particulate matterPMμg cm−2 month−1(X)b(X)X

aCalculated from sunshine hours and latitude.
bOnly data at a few test sites reported.