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Nanocomposite Coatings: Recent Developments and Applications

Call for Papers

Nowadays, the high performance and functional coatings attracted much attention from researchers and users. On the current development trends, the coating does not only serve as the physical barrier or decoration, but also act as the multifunctional and smart materials. Besides, with the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology, coatings nowadays become smarter, stronger, and more durable.

In general, the barrier performance of organic coatings can be enhanced by the incorporation of nanofillers, by decreasing the porosity and zigzagging the diffusion path for deleterious species. Thus, the coatings containing nanofillers are expected to have significant barrier properties for corrosion protection and reduce the trend of the coating to blister or delaminate. However, in practice, the properties of nanocomposite coatings still do not match those of their expectation. Therefore, further study is required to shed more light on the fundamental mechanisms through which nanofillers interact with the coating matrix. In addition, the functionalization of nanofillers has led to advances in smart nanocomposite coatings, such as self-healing, antifouling, self-cleaning, antibacterial, and cooling coatings.

On the other hand, high hardness could be obtained for metallic coatings by producing the hard nanocrystalline phases within a metal matrix, such as TiN (or ZrN) in Ni matrix and ZrN (or CrN) in Cu matrix.

This special issue aims to emphasize the effect of nanofillers and their functionalization on the structure and property of the neat coatings for anticorrosion and other promising applications. The scope of promising applications includes the superhard coatings, photoluminescent/photocatalytic coatings, conductive/dielectric coating, biocompatible coatings, heat resistant coatings, aerospace applications, environmentally responsive coatings, and antivibration coating.

We sincerely invite high quality original research and review papers on the theoretical, experimental, and practical studies addressing this issue.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Anticorrosive nanocomposite coatings
  • Self-healing nanocomposite coatings
  • Superhydrophobic nanocomposite coatings (protection against atmospheric corrosion)
  • Antifouling and antibacterial nanocomposite coatings (protection against microbial corrosion)
  • Hard and superhard nanocomposites coatings
  • Heat resistant nanocomposite coatings
  • Environmentally responsive nanocomposite coatings
  • Smart nanocomposite coatings

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Publication DateAugust 2018

Papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.

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  • Tuan A. Nguyen, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam

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