Figure 4: Effect of drugs acting on cannabinoid metabolism on Glu-stimulated 3H-GABA release. Micro dissected EPL was incubated with 0.1 μM 3H-GABA and superfused with Krebs bicarbonate; after 49 min of superfusion, 100 μM of Glu was added for 4 min (Glu). Tetrahydrolipostatin 0.5 uM (THL), an inhibitor of synthesis of 2AG, AM404 20 μM, the inhibitor of anandamide transport, and URB597 250 nM, an inhibitor of the anandamide degrading enzyme FAAH, were added to the superfusing Krebs as in the agonist experiments with or without the antagonist AM281 (1 μM). Results are expressed as a ratio of the % of 3H-GABA released as described in methods. * compared to Glu control, &: significant compared to its control using Mann Whitney test.