International Journal of Cell Biology / 2011 / Article / Fig 2

Research Article

ATP-Sensitive Potassium Channel Currents in Eccentrically Hypertrophied Cardiac Myocytes of Volume-Overloaded Rats

Figure 2

Voltage-Current Relationship in Volume-Overloaded Shunted Rats. Sarcolemmal outward potassium current (I), expressed as current density (pA/pF), in patches of ventricular myocytes from adult experimental rats subjected to a surgical operation to produce shunting of blood from the aorta to the van cava. The membrane voltage was clamped at steps of 20 mV from −80 mV to +40 mV. Differences in pA/pF in the presence and absence of treatment with cromokalim and post-treatment with glibenclamide were not significant at the voltages from −20 mV to +40 mV ( ).