Figure 3: MicroRNA integrated expression and location characteristics in three breast (cancer) cells lines. The figure only includes microRNAs with normalized cytoplasmic and nuclear signal intensities above 50. (a) MicroRNAs sorted by their total expression ( ) and NCR (nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio; theta). (For definition of “ ” and “ ”, see Figure 5). The red, green, and yellow dots represent the MDA-MB-231, MCF-7, and MCF-10A cell lines, respectively. (b) SVM classification of the MDA-MB-231 (circles) and MCF-7 (triangles) breast cancer cell lines, based on the microRNA total expression (signal intensity) and NCR (nuclear-cytoplasmic ratio). The scale bar on the right shows the value generated by the kernel function of the corresponding vectors. This figure suggests that the microRNA NCR is the decisive variable distinguishing the two cancer cell lines.