Research Article

Modulation of Vascular Cell Function by Bim Expression

Figure 7

Decreased eNOS and increased VEGF expressions in Bim−/− vascular cells. In panels (a) and (b), an immunoassay was used to determine VEGF levels (pg/mL) in retinal endothelial cells (a) and pericytes (b) from wild-type and Bim−/− mice. Protein lysates (20  g) from wild-type and Bim−/− retinal endothelial cells were analyzed by Western blot analysis for the expression of phospho-eNOS, eNOS, HSP90, phospho-Akt, and Akt (panel (c)). -Actin expression was assessed as a loading control (panel (c)). In panel (d), the intracellular NO production was determined as analyzed by DAF-FM fluorescence for retinal endothelial cells. Please note that the increased VEGF expression was independent of eNOS expression in Bim−/− endothelial cells (*** ).