Figure 3: TPO gene expression by cell lines. (a) First PCR analysis of TPO and GADPH gene expressed by various cell lines, ovarian (OVCAR-3 and SKOV-3), breast (MDA-MB231 and MCF7), gastric (AGS, KATO-III), intestinal (LS174T), lung (A549), leukemia (K562), cervical (HELA), and human microvascular endothelial (HMEC-1) cell lines. 2% agarose gel. Normal adult ovary (1 and 2) and liver (1 and 2) tissues served as control. (b) 2% agarose gel pattern of nested-PCR product of TPO: TPO-1 (full length), TPO-2 (12 bp deletion), and TPO-3 (116 bp deletion). Boxes (1, 2) represent bands chosen for sequencing.