Figure 5: TPO gene expression in the presence or absence of protein C. (a) Quantification of TPO gene expression using TaqMan Probes in different cancer cell lines such as MDA-MB231 (as control), OVCAR-3, SKOV-3, and K562. Nonsignificant results were observed in the presence of protein C (). High TPO gene expression was observed in leukemic K562 cell. Kruskal-Wallis test (, ). Flow cytometry distribution plots are shown. Graphs represent Geometric Fluorescence Mean. (b, c): graphs for MDA-MB231 (b) and OVCAR-3 (c) cells incubated with the secondary antibody alone (orange), labeled with primary and secondary antibodies after incubation without PC or aPC (blue), and with PC (purple) or with aPC (green). (d) TPO-released protein by OVCAR-3. OVCAR-3 were incubated (for 5 hours) without (blue) or with (green) protein transport inhibitor or with only 2nd antibody as control (orange). 2nd antibody GMFI/GMFI sample ratio was calculated for each condition.