International Journal of Chemical Engineering / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Growing Chlorella vulgaris in Photobioreactor by Continuous Process Using Concentrated Desalination: Effect of Dilution Rate on Biochemical Composition

Table 1

Composition and physic-chemical characteristics of concentrated desalination.


Cl (mg/L)1,691.3
Ca (mg/L)126.5
Fe (mg/L)0.13
K (mg/L)47.0
Mg (mg/L)4.74
Na (mg/L)987.5
(mg/L) 1.35
Sulfate (mg/L)138.0
Total phosphorus (mg P/L)0.70
Total hardness (CaCO3, mg/L)985.2
TDS (mg/L)2,190.5
Total nitrogen (mg N/L)30.0
Conductivity ( S/cm)4,875.0

Note: P is short for phosphorus, N is short for nitrogen, TDS is short for total dissolved solids, and is ammonium.