Table 4: Overall parameters adopted for the second generation ethanol production.

CaseCase Case Case Case LCase

Bagasse handle
 P-F from the total bagasse%35353520
 Biomass usedP-FP-FP-FB
 Moisture content (SE)%70
 Reactor solids load (LHW)%202020
 Reactor temperature °C205180180180
 Reaction timemin5151515
 Hemicellulose-xylose conversion%
 Cellulose-glucose conversion%
 Xylose-furfural conversion%
 Hemicellulose-acetic acid conversion%
Enzymatic Hydrolysis
 Reactor solids load%10101055
 Cellulose-glucose conversion%7585.
 Hemicellulose-xylose conversion%3535.735.735.735.7
 Glucose-ethanol conversion %9292928989

B: bagasse; P-F: P-fraction; LHW: liquid hot water; SE: steam explosion.
Assumed parameters based on data available at [16, 24, 25].