Table 2: RVD ratings survey results.

RVD1 & RVD2 have Other engineering courses have

Exposed me to genuine engineering problems**4.4393.195
Allowed for hands-on learning experiences**4.5122.902
Prepared me for the workplace**3.9513.097
Allowed me to use the types of technology and facilities that engineers use in today's workforce**3.8782.951
Offered me a chance to identify and formulate engineering problems**4.2203.610
Provided engaging learning opportunities**4.5373.293
Made use of problems and situations similar to those that I expect to face in the workplace**3.8543.049
Helped me be more familiar with what a practicing engineer does**3.8293.073
Given me opportunities to perform experiments in engineering**4.2683.244
Given me opportunities to analyze engineering data**4.7323.537
Given me opportunities to interpret engineering data**4.7073.463
Presented new ideas and material in a realistic context**4.4633.341