Table 3: Water amount based upon tomato stages and weather conditions.

Tomato plant stageStage descriptionDays of developmentWeather condition (mm = millimeters)
Day timeNight time
ClearCloudyRain, snow, thunderClearCloudyRain, snow, thunder

1Establishment1–3 days760540
2Establishment3–5 days121101090
3Establishment5–7 days1716015140
4Development and vegetable growth7–10 days2221020190
5Development and vegetable growth10–14 days2726025240
6Fruit flowering and fruit set14–28 days3231030290
7Fruit flowering and fruit set28–35 days3736035340
8First phase of fruit development35–40 days4241040390
9Harvest initiation40–45 days4746045440
10Full harvest45–60 days5251050490