Clinical Study

A New Anatomically Based Nomenclature for the Roots and Root Canals—Part 2: Mandibular Molars

Figure 2

Diagrammatic representation of various root and canal configurations in mandibular molars named according to the proposed nomenclature. (a) Names of the canals would remain unaltered if the principle roots contain their principle canals; MB—mesiobuccal, ML—mesiolingual, DB—distobuccal, DL—distolingual or distal (D). (b) In mandibular molar with an additional distal root, the names of the canals in the mesial principle root will not be altered when it contains two principle canals. The canals in the two distal roots are named based on their anatomic position, as mentioned previously, and denoted by adding the suffix “R”. Thus, the distal root and canal variation is communicated by naming the canals as distobuccal (DBR) and distolingual (DLR). (c) When three distinct distal roots are present with each of these roots containing a single canal, the distal canals are named as distobuccal (DBR), middle distal (MDR), and distolingual (DLR). (d) Two distinct distal roots with the distobuccal root containing two canals, “r” is added as a suffix to the names of all canals contained in the additional distobuccal root, instead of “R”, linguo-distobuccal (L-DBr), distobuccal (DBr) canals.