Table 1: 2010 CATOOH agenda (November 5-6, 2010) and session type (didactic, interactive, or practical).

Introduction, target audience and learning objectives, and pretest

General sessions
 (1) The tooth and nothing but the tooth: why are we here? (d)
 (2) The importance of early oral health (d)
 (3) Introduction to oral health risk assessment and fluoride varnish application (i)
 (4) Hands-on workshop—oral screening examination, risk assessment, and fluoride varnish application (p)
 (5) Fluoride modalities and their appropriate use (i)
 (6) Oral health prevention and anticipatory guidance (i)
 (7) Building collaborative relationships to ensure patients’ access to a Dental Home (i)
 (8) Strategies for reaching out to colleagues and changing behavior (i)
 (9) Making the commitment and signing the “commitment-to-change” contract (i)
 (10) Overcoming barriers: COHAs in action. (i)
 (11) You can do it! Where do we go from here? (i)

Concurrent session
 (1) Billing and payment for oral health services (i)
 (2) Quality improvement, Bright Futures, and recertification (i)
 (3) Triage and Dental Home options (i)

Posttest, evaluation

d: didactic format, i: interactive, and p: practical (hands-on).