International Journal of Dentistry / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Effect of EDTA Conditioning and Carbodiimide Pretreatment on the Bonding Performance of All-in-One Self-Etch Adhesives

Table 1

Mean shear bond strength values both immediate and delayed for G-Bond and OptiBond-All-In-One adhesives.

Immediate TestingDelayed Testing value

1a (GB)33.305.541b23.105.530.022
2a (GB-EDTA)38.409.232b27.908.970.018
3a (GB-EDC)37.707.723b32.708.110.429
4a (GB-EDTA + EDC)40.807.584b34.905.490.286
5a (OB)29.006.995b20.305.830.020
6a (OB-EDTA)32.304.796b22.307.450.006
7a (OB-EDC)30.205.297b25.605.520.344
8a (OB-EDTA + EDC)31.906.448b27.606.960.403

Groups with the same superscripts are not statistically different ();   denotes statistically significant groups.