Review Article

Ridge Preservation Procedures after Tooth Extractions: A Systematic Review

Table 2

The risk of bias for both studies.

StudyPang et al. [19]Temmerman et al. [20]

Random sequence generationHigh riskLow risk
Allocation concealmentHigh riskLow risk
Blinding of participantsHigh riskLow risk
Blinding of personnel/care providersHigh riskHigh risk
Detection biasHigh riskHigh risk
Incomplete outcome dataLow riskLow risk
Selective reportingLow riskLow risk
Group similarity at the baselineHigh riskHigh risk
CointerventionsLow riskLow risk
ComplianceLow riskLow risk
Intention-to-treat analysisLow riskLow risk
Timing of outcome assessmentsLow riskLow risk
Other biasesHigh riskHigh risk