Table 3: Fields in the jar header.

FieldSize (bytes)DescriptionTranscoded value

1Local file header signature4Marks the beginning of a new entryFixed to
2Version needed to extract2Zip specification version needed to extract the file.Fixed to (simple file)
3General purpose bit flag2General purpose flags, bit flags are specified in [27]Fixed to 0000
4Compression method2Indicates the method used for file compressionFixed to 0000 (no compression)
5Last mod file time2Last file modification timeObtained from the system clock
6Last mod file date2Last file modification dateObtained from the system clock
7crc_324Cyclic redundancy check codeBased on file data, calculated using a table based fast algorithm
8Compressed size4Size of the file after compressionCopied from the BIOP object headers
9Uncompressed size4Size of the uncompressed fileCopied from the BIOP object headers
10Filename length2Number of bytes in the filenameObtained after the filename is built
11Extra field length2Length of the extra fieldFixed to 00 (no extra field)
12FilenameVariableFilename including the path (directories)Generated from objects in the carousel
13Extra fieldVariableUser defined extra fieldsNot included in the generated header