Table 3: Parameters of the simulation.


N 50Number of nodes
W 120 mWidth and length of the field (120 m * 120 m)
K 8Divided into K*K communities
Sim_ 2000 sLength of simulation
E 100 sLength of each round
O_T 5Number of rounds in the sliding window
Th1 sMinimal length of time for a valid connection
R 6 mRadio range for a node
0.1Disturbance factor when a node travels along its path
st10 sLength when a node stops
Min, max6, 10 m/sMin/max speed of nodes
9, 15,
20, 17, 5, 48,
Id set of hot communities
mp1Minimal number of hot communities in the paths
Max_Path2Maximal number of paths a node has
Max_Com10Maximal number of communities a path may travel
Max_Copy5Maximal number of versions a packet may have in Epidemic routing
Max_Buffer500Size of cache buffer (packet)
0.6Threshold of encounter probability when constructing the graph