Let denote the selected sector number of sensor in the current -covset
, denote the total sector set of sensor and denote the maximal sector
number from each sensor in the current
Set , .
while   (each target is covered by at least available sectors)    do
, , , ,
Initialize the sector weight of each sector.
while     do
  Sort sectors in in descending order based on the number of available
    lifetime. If some sectors have the same value, give the priority to the sector
    with the maximal value of the sector weight.
Choose the first sector from the sort set.
, ,
if     then  
for all target   do
    if   is covered by    then   
    if     then  
  Update the sector wight of each sector.
end while
Minimize , check each whether it is redundant.
Compute MAX_Lifetime( ).
, (MAX_Lifetime( )/ε) , ,
for all  sectors   do
if     then  
  end while
  return   SDQ-covsets: and the network lifetime
Algorithm 1: CSSW-SDTQC( ).