1:   if on a bound node then
2:   access the specified object
3:   end if
4:   if on a leaf node and exist parent node then
5:     migrate back to the parent node
6:     notify the parent SM
7:     return
8:   end if
9:   for each child on multicast tree do
10:  create child Access SM
11:if this SM is the created child Access SM then
12:     remember this node as parent
13:     migrate to the child node
14:     call Access Migration
15:      exit
16:end if
17:  end for
18:   wait for results from all child Access SMs
19:   merge the results
20:  if exist parent node then
21:     migrate back to the parent node
22:    notify the parent SM
23:  end if
Algorithm 4: Access migration.