/* c_l_i DB: Course Learner/Instructor DB */
 Get a Request_id
 If (the Request_ID == Terminal_ID in course Learner/Instructor DB) then
  Get the Terminal_location and Course_ID of Request_ID
 For each record in c_l_i DB Where (record.Course_ID == Request_ID.Course_ID)
  Compute the Relative_location of the Terminal_ID
  If (the Relative_location <= θ) then
   Get the Terminal_IDs
 If{Terminal_IDs} null then
  For each Terminal_IDs where (Relative_location <= θ)
   Send a request for social network to each Terminal_ID
If (acceptance signals for social network from the Terminal_IDs) then
   Send signals with detail location information to the Request_ID
Algorithm 1: Location-based information management module’s execution algorithm.