Table 7: LETED and DLDC-MAC parameters.

Parameter Description Value

𝑡 t x _ o s e t The time a tx slot follows the corresponding to rx slot in LETED 50 ms
𝑡 r x _ p o s t The time to get a frame in the application layer after it was received by the transceiver 4.5 ms
𝑡 S F D SFD detection time 100 μs
𝑇 s y n c The period of sending SYNC frames to align wake-up schedule along the path 5 minutes

Parameters of the underlying DLDC-MAC protocol

𝑇 b e a c o n Beacon period 120 secs
𝜆 b e a c o n Beacon length 128 bytes
𝜆 b e a c o n _ a f t e r How long (bytes) the node waits in listening after sending a beacon 128 bytes
n b o u r s The number of neighbors 4
M B R The average missed beacon rate 1%