<descriptions><!- -defines what the service does and describes tags
       and address, which can be used to find it- -></description>
  <source name=“src1”> <!- -name defines name for this source in the processing part- ->
   <address><!- -this is direct access to the service, thus we already know it- -></address>
  <source name=“src2”>
   <discovery><!- -Search for all outdoor temperature values of Tampere- ->
   <tag>location : tampere</tag>
   <tag>location : outdoor</tag>
   <tag>measurement : temperature</tag>
 <output><!- -defines output(s) for this service- -></output>
  <variable name=“avg”>
    <function type=“average”>
  <if ><compare operator=“greater”><valueOf name=“avg”/>25.0 </compare>
   <action type=“increase”><destination name=“dst”/>
  <if><compare operator=“less”><valueOf name=“avg”/>20.0</compare>
   <action type=“decrease”><destination name=“dst”/>
Algorithm 1: An example of the processing section of the micro service XML schema.