netgen = NetworkGenerator(degree=9, n_min=100, n_max=300)
For  lm_pct  in   :
for  net_count  in  range(100):
  net = netgen.generate()
  for  node  in  net.nodes()[:int(lm_pct*len(net.nodes())/100)]:
   node.compositeSensor = CompositeSensor((‘TruePosSensor’))
  net.algorithms = ALGORITHMS
  sim = Simulation(net)
  write_npickle(net, ‘%d-%d.gz’ % (net_count,lm_pct))
Listing 6: Simple automated experiment. For each of the defined landmarks percentages (5%, 10%, 20%, 33%) 100 different networks consisting of 100 to 300 nodes with average degree 9 are created. Each of them is fitted with described algorithms which are then executed in a simulation. At the end of each simulation network data is stored in appropriately named compressed file. Definition of variable ALGORITHMS is omitted for brevity.