# inspect non landmark nodes and list their estimated positions
In   [19]: for  node  in  net.nodes()[10:]:
   ....: print  node.memory.get(‘dvHop’, ‘Notlocalized.’)
. .
. .
. .
Not  localized.
In   [20]:estimated =
In   [21]:for  node  in  net.nodes():
   ....: if  node.memory.has_key(‘dvHop’):
   ....: estimated[node] = node.memory[‘dvHop’]
In   [22]:get_rms(net.pos,[estimated])
In   [23]:show_localized(net,[estimated],show_labels=False)
Listing 7: Analyzing nodes memory after simulation. In dvHop key in memory of all successfully localized nodes, there are estimated coordinates data we can inspect. Using library provided, utilities such as get_rms function, root mean square error of estimated positions can be quickly estimated. Finally, errors in estimated positions are visualized graphically. Result of the last command is presented on Figure 5.