// Algorithm inputs 2-hop neighbors of node .
   if  the node has only 1 incident edge  then  the edge ( , ) is a bridge (Rule 1).
  else if  the node has at least one cross edge  then  the edge ( , ) is not a bridge (Rule 2).
  else if  the edge ( , ) is the only edge connecting node to lower levels and all other edges are bridges  
    then  the edge ( , ) is a bridge (Rule 3).
  else if  one of node ’s children has a cross edge connecting to node where node ’s parent is not
     and id of one of node ’s children  then  the edge ( , ) is not a bridge (Rule 4).
  else if  all neighbors of node 's children are also children of node   then  the edge ( , ) is a bridge (Rule 5).
  end if.
  if  one of these rules are applied  then  return true.
  else  return false.
  end if.
Algorithm 1: ENBRIDGE BFS edge classification algorithm (ENBRIDGE_Classify).