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Advanced Technologies and Communication Solutions for Internet of Things

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The basic idea of “The Internet of Things (IoT)” is the pervasive presence around our life style of a variety of things or objects. Tremendous advances in processing, wireless sensor networks, mobile communication, and systems/middleware technologies are leading to new and novel paradigms and platforms for computing environment. There might be many issues to realize and provide intelligent services, and much effort and enormous attention have been focused on the IoT. This research field is still a hot topic in network communications area. Applications and design models based on IoT are already flooding the market. There has been wide research community working directly or indirectly relevant to this area. The introduction of 4G network has accelerated the advances of IoT, and now the applications are really well and truly at work. This special issue is a good platform for researchers, students, and academics to present and collaborate with other researchers in IoT area.

The topics have been more aggressively covered by journals in the advanced technologies and application of the related wireless sensor networks and wireless telecommunications with the IoT.

For the aforementioned reasons, the special issue intends to give an overview of the state of the art of issues and solution guidelines for the IoT. In addition, it will provide completing the panorama of current research effort, which is widely inherent to topics of high interest for the IoT. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Advanced technologies for sensors and actuators and identifications with objects in IoT
  • Interoperable service-oriented technologies to share real-world data among heterogeneous devices
  • Interoperable middleware and architectures to communicate objects with each other
  • Networking technologies for wired and wireless networking to interconnect things
  • Application services that storage, integrate, and process in real-time variable data streams from devices
  • Infrastructure for storage and computing capabilities for IoT application services and for processing large data
  • Quality of service assurance for efficient resource management to allocate, track, and resource utilization
  • Scalable management of network, computing, and storage capacity across multiple objects
  • Advanced security, privacy, authentication, trust, and verification with the IoT applications
  • Numerical analysis and simulation technologies for IoT application with wireless sensor networks

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