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Data Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks

Call for Papers

In recent years, sensor data fusion has received significant attention in both military and nonmilitary application. Data fusion is a technology to enable combining information from several sources in order to achieve improved accuracies and more specific inferences than could be achieved by the use of a single sensor alone. It is now widely used in various areas such as robotics, video, and image processing.

Data fusion is a wide ranging subject, and many studies have been introduced to develop this technology. The main focus of this special issue is devoted to deeper studying of the theories and algorithms which are related to obtaining the satisfied fusion result. Additionally, this special issue is being organized to push the theoretical and practical research forward for an effective discussion about the algorithm, modeling, security, and analysis techniques of data fusion in wireless sensor networks. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Conceptual frameworks and architectures for data fusion in WSNs
  • Mathematical models which can represent data imperfection in WSNs
  • Traditional data fusion algorithms in WSNs
  • Data fusion in large-scale distributed WSNs
  • The security during the process of data fusion in WSNs
  • Privacy, integrity, and freshness of data in data fusion
  • The routes in data aggregation in WSNs
  • Data fusion algorithms in WSNs for future internet
  • Simulation and verification system for data fusion of WSNs
  • Applications of data fusion in WSNs
  • The new fields of data fusion in WSNs, such as soft data fusion, adaptive fusion, and automated data fusion

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  • Yun Liu, Beijing Jiaotong University, China

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