Table 2: Association between bisphenol A and metabolic syndrome.

Bisphenol A (ng/mL)Sample size
Age, sex-adjusted OR Multivariable-adjusted OR
(% MetS)(95% CI)a(95% CI)a,b

Tertile 1 (<1.40)695 (30.0)1 (referent)1 (referent)
Tertile 2 (1.40–3.40)704 (34.9)1.26 (0.95–1.68)1.24 (0.93–1.65)
Tertile 3 (>3.40)705 (38.9)1.53 (1.09–2.15)1.51 (1.07–2.12)

aOR (95% CI): odds ratio (95% confidence interval).
bAdjusted for age (years), gender (male, female), race/ethnicity (non-Hispanic Whites, non-Hispanic Blacks, Mexican Americans, and others), annual household income, smoking (never, former, and current), alcohol intake (nondrinker, moderate drinker, and heavy drinker), moderate physical inactivity (absent, present), and urinary creatinine (mg/dL).