Table 1: Common and less common causes of POI.

Most common investigating causes of POILess common investigating causes of POI

Chromosomal abnormalities (gonadal dysgenesis with or without Turner syndrome)Part of a multiple endocrinopathy
 (i) hypoparathyroidism,
 (ii) hypoadrenalism,
 (iii) & mucocutaneous candidiasis

Premutation of X-chromosome
 (FMR1 gene)
 Fragile X syndrome
Autoimmune diseases such as
 (i) autoimmune lymphocytic oophoritis,
 (ii) dry-eye syndrome,
 (iii) myasthenia gravis,
 (iv) rheumatoid arthritis,
 (v) systemic lupus erythematosus

Damage from chemotherapy or radiation therapyViral infections

Surgical oophorectomy (surgical extirpation)Sarcoidosis