Table 1: Imaging findings for patients with Rathke’s cleft cyst.

Case Age/gender Symptoms Hormonal profileImaging findings
Height of
lesions (mm)
MRI signalsDirection of migration

150/MHeadacheNormal13High T1 and T2Posterior
259/FHeadache, dizziness, blurry visionReduced cortisol22Low T1, high T2Posterior
359/MHeadacheReduced estradiol19High T1 and T2Posterior
430/MHeadache, blurry visionNormal17Low T1, high T2Surrounded by pituitary
562/FBlurry vision, loss of consciousnessReduced prolactin15Slightly high T1, low T2Anterosuperior
635/MHeadacheElevated cortisol and testosterone15Low T1, high T2Posterior
722/FHeadache, blurry visionElevated prolactin and growth hormone13 mm (anteroposterior)High T1 and T2Cyst located between pituitary and tumor
841/FGalactorrhea, abnormal menstruationElevated prolactin and thyroid-stimulating hormone9Isointense T1, high T2Posterior
960/FDizziness, blurry vision, weakness in extremitiesReduced estradiol13Slightly low T1, high T2Posterior
1054/FHeadache, dizzinessReduced estradiol15Low T1, high T2Posterior
1132/MBlurry visionReduced FSH, LH, and elevated cortisol13.5Slightly low T1, Isointense T2Anterosuperior
1241/FHeadache, dizziness, abnormal menstruationNormal15High T1 and T2Posterior
1328/FHeadacheReduced FSH and LH11Slightly high T1, high T2Posterior
1442/FHeadache, polyuria, polydipsiaElevated estradiol14High T1 and T2Posterior
1548/FHeadache, dizzinessElevated T4. Reduced cortisol and estradiol14Low T1, high T2Anterior
1620/FHeadacheNormal10Slightly low T1, high T2Surrounded by pituitary
1729/FHeadache, dizzinessNormal11Isointense T1, high T2Surrounded by pituitary
1846/FHeadache, dizziness, blurry visionElevated ACTH, T3, FT3. Reduced TSH, and testosterone26Slightly high T1 and T2Posterior
1940/FHeadache, abnormal menstruationNormal14.6Isointense T1, slightly high T2Surrounded by pituitary
2020/MHeadache, dizzinessElevated estradiol7Isointense T1, high T2Posterior
2137/FHeadache, dizziness, abnormal menstruationNormal20Isointense T1, high T2Posterior
2254/FDizziness, generalized weaknessReduced estradiol7.5High T1, isointense T2Posterior
2331/FHeadacheReduced cortisol18Isointense T1, high T2Posterior
2434/FBlurry vision, amenorrhea, galactorrheaElevated prolactin. Reduced estradiol15High T1, isointense T2Cyst located between pituitary and tumor