Table 1: Patients’ characteristics: demographic, anthropometric, dietary, and bone data#.

Demographic and dietary data PatientsControls -value

Age (yrs)20.0 (16–33)21 (16–22)ns
Restricting type (%)68%
Age at menarche (yrs)13.0 (11–16)13 (11–15)ns
Age of onset of anorexia (yrs)16.0 (13–27)
Duration of illness (yrs)3.0 (0.7–12)
History of low traumatic fractures, % ( )12% (8)
Time since last menstrual period (mo)°9.0 (3–33)
Total duration of amenorrhea (mo)12.0 (2–84)
Estrogen use, % ( )*39% (26)
Estrogen use (mo)
Current estrogen use30% (20)
Weight (kg) <0.007
Weight (kg) before the onset of illness**
Height (cm) ns
Body Mass Index (kg/m2) <0.007
% of ideal body weight
Calcium intake (mg/d)835 (281–2000)835 (510–1074)ns
Protein intake (g/d)45 (12–132)42 (25–57)ns
Protein intake (g/kg of body weight)1.11 (0.29–2.92)0.7 (0.4–1.1)ns
Physical activity (h/week)
Anteroposterior spine BMD (g/cm2) <0.0001
Femoral neck BMD (g/cm2) <0.0001
Total hip BMD (g/cm2) <0.0009

For skew data, median and interquartile (IQR) range are reported. Otherwise, mean ± SD.
°For amenorrheic women at time of examination.
*At any time since the onset of anorexia.
**Applicable if the onset of the disease occurred after the time of menarche.