International Journal of Endocrinology / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Mechanism of Body Weight Reducing Effect of Oral Boric Acid Intake

Table 1

The mean gene expression levels normalized against 18sRNA ± SE expression for each UCP proteins in WAT, BAT, and SMT.

Boric acid group Control group P value

UCP1 mRNA in WAT 0.6905
UCP2 mRNA in WAT 0.0317
UCP3 mRNA in WAT 0.9452
UCP1 mRNA in BAT 0.026
UCP2 mRNA in BAT 0.00011691 ± 0.000065800.014
UCP3 mRNA in BAT 0.2949
UCP1 mRNA in SMT 0.366
UCP2 mRNA in SMT 0.0159
UCP3 mRNA in SMT 0.7308