Table 3: Comparison of different TT groups ().

TT ≤ 8 nmol/L8 nmol/L < TT ≤ 12 nmol/LTT > 12 nmol/L value

SUA (μmol/L)330.5344.5284<0.001
Waist (cm)90.4292.5788.290.002
BMI (kg/m2)26.7725.6424.16<0.001
FBG (mmol/L)
PBG (mmol/L)15.92 ± 2.5514.87 ± 2.9915.25 ± 3.520.517
HbA1c (%)10.138.7010.300.080

TT: total testosterone; SUA: serum uric acid; BMI: body mass index; FBG: fasting blood-glucose; PBG: postprandial blood glucose; HbA1c: glycated hemoglobin; HOMA-IR: homeostasis model assessment-insulin resistance index. Table 3 suggests that according to TT level, with 8 nmol/L and 12 nmol/L as the cutoff levels for the division of patients into three groups, the levels of serum uric acid, waist circumference, body mass index, and HOMA-IR in the low TT group were higher than those in the normal TT group.