Table 3: Spearman correlation coefficients between serum tumor markers and measured parameters.


Age, yrs0.0610.1320.023
BMI, kg/m20.0460.0760.050
Duration of diabetes0.0510.2550.150
FPG, mmol/l0.0610.1460.247
HbA1C, %0.0760.1340.234
eGFR, ml/min/1.73m2−0.195−0.249−0.142

Data were spearman correlation coefficients. ; ; . BMI: body mass index; FPG: fasting plasma glucose; HbA1C: glycated hemoglobin; UACR: urinary albumin to creatinine ratio; eGFR: estimated glomerular filtration rate. SCC: squamous cell carninoma antigen; Cyfra21-1: cytokeratin 19 fragment antigen 21–1; CEA: carcinoembryonic antigen.