Table 2: Answers of the patients in regard to the question “Which aspects of your Cushing condition bother/bothered you the most?” Answers were clustered and counted. Data are presented as frequency () and valid percent (%).

VariableUS ()Germany ()

Common symptoms related to cortisol overproduction71 (84.5)34 (52.3)
Moon face, buffalo hump, red cheeks, bruising transparent skin, inability to lose weight, acne, high blood pressure, heart racing, cardiopulmonary effects, hair growth, dizziness, body pain, swelling of body/limbs, sweating
Reduced performance39 (46.4)24 (36.9)
Muscle weakness, muscle loss, morning insomnia, fatigue, low energy
Psychological impairment51 (60.8)43 (66.2)
Being depressed, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, nervous, scared, tantrums, sexual dysfunction, feeling crummy, cognitive changes, neg. effects on self-confidence, confused in large crowds/noisy places, felt like I was on psychotropic drugs and slipping between dimensions, being cyclical, worry about residual effects on my brain, foggy brain, memory and attention issues, brain always racing
Diagnostic process8 (9.5)
Fighting for diagnosis; the doctors’ inability to link all of these symptoms; was asked if I needed counseling for my obsession with my health; how long it took for a diagnosis; I suffered for years at the hand of doctors; MDs not listening and saying stupid things like I was stressed out