Table 1: Basic statistics of crossvein position and directional asymmetry (DA, S.E.). Crossvein position is the mean of the distances from the endpoints of the posterior crossvein to the end of vein L4 in the Drosophila melanogaster wing, S.E. Residual S.D. is pooled departures from the line and generation means.


Crossvein position0.140 ± 0.000090.161 ± 0.00011
DA0.00036 ± 0.000030.00060 ± 0.00003
DA 1% quantile−0.00364−0.00396
DA median0.000370.00058
DA 99% quantile0.004710.00523
Residual S.D.0.001690.00193
Residual kurtosis0.5890.575