International Journal of Evolutionary Biology / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

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Why Chromosome Palindromes?

Table 1

Copy number and expression profiles of MSY genes in primates.


StratumAncestral genes

SRY1 (?)1 (pT)1 (T + S)Yes
RBMY1 (T)6 (T)6 (pT)Yes
1RPS4Y11 (T+P)1 (B)1 (B)Yes
RPS4Y21 (T)1 (B)1 (B)Yes
HSFY3 (T)2 (T)Yes

2KDM5D1 (B)1 (B)1 (B)Yes
TSPY5 (T)35 (T)6 (pT + L + Li)Yes

ZFY1 (B)1 (B)1 (B)Yes
DDX3Y1 (B)1 (B)1 (B)Yes
UTY1 (B)1 (B)1 (B)Yes
3EIF1AY1 (B)1 (B)1 (B)Yes
CYorf15A1 (B)1 (B)1 (B)Yes
CYorf15B1 (B)1 (B)ps (B)Yes
USP9Y1 (B)1 (B)ps (B)Yes
TMSB4Y1 (B)1 (B)psYes

AMELY1 (?)1 (B)1 (?)Yes
4NLGN4Y1 (B)1 (B)1 (B)Yes
TBL1Y1 (B)1 (B)ps (B)Yes

5PRKY1 (B)1 (B)1 (B)Yes
MXRA5Y1 (B)pspsYes


Added genes

A-transposedDAZ2 (T)4 (T)4 (T)No
A-retroposedCDY2 (T)4 (T)5 (pT)No
XKRY1 (B)2 (T)ps (pT)No
BPY23 (T)2 (T)No
PRY2 (T)No
VCY2 (T)2 (?)Yes
X-transposedPCDH11Y1 (Br)Yes
X-transposedTGIF2LY1 (T)Yes


Total AG a126025
Total AF b496
Grand Total:317837

Modified from [26]. Expression data from [26, 34, 36, 49]. T: testis, pT: predominantly testis, B: broad, Br: brain, P: prostate, S: spleen, L: lung, Li: liver, ?: not known. Absent gene (—), pseudogene (ps). aAmpliconic genes; bAmpliconic families.