Table 3: Nucleotides at 20 informative sites in ND2 sequences of 13 strains of D. lini and its sibling species (D. ohnishii and D. ogumai). Diagnostic nucleotides for DNA barcoding are indicated with an asterisk. N is the number of strains sequenced. The positions of nucleotide sites are based on the sequence of D. obscura [38]. Polymorphic sites are shown with code letters R (A/G,), Y (T/C), S (C/G), W (A/T), and M (A/C).

SpeciesNND2 (sites 34–959)Phylogeny

D. lini 7RTCAYAGSTAWWRTCMCTCCNon-monophyletic

D. ohnishii 4ATCACAGSTRAAGTCACTCCNon-monophyletic

D. ogumai 2GC*T*RTG*A*GC*AAAGC*T*AT*C*T*T*Monophyletic