Table 4: Nucleotides at 12 informative sites in COI-COII sequences of 13 strains of D. lini and its sibling species (D. ohnishii and D. ogumai). Diagnostic nucleotides for DNA barcoding are indicated with an asterisk. The positions of nucleotide sites are based on the whole length of the COI (1536 bp) and COII (684 bp) sequences of D. yakuba [39]. See Table 3 for further explanations.

SpeciesNCOI (sites 1407–1536)COII (sites 1–639)Phylogeny

D. lini 7CYTTCCTRYWARNon-monophyletic
D. ohnishii 4CCTTCCYATAAANon-monophyletic
D. ogumai 2YTC*C*T*T*TATAG*AMonophyletic