Research Article

Noncompetitive Gametic Isolation between Sibling Species of Cricket: A Hypothesized Link between Within-Population Incompatibility and Reproductive Isolation between Species

Figure 1

The relationship between spermatophore attachment time and egg laying for two populations of A. socius ((a) Georgia, USA; (b) Missouri, USA) and one population of A. sp. nov. Tex ((c) Texas). For each panel two patterns of egg laying are shown—the “normal induction” and “reduced induction” lines. Panel (d) shows the amount of ejaculate (measured by DNA concentration) that is passed to females during copulation. There are also two baseline measurements including the amount of DNA in a virgin female reproductive tract and in a male spermatophore.
(a) A. socius (GA985/22, Georgia) 
(b) A. socius (Fenton, Missouri)
(c) A. sp. nov. Tex (TX30/87, Texas)
(d) A. sp. nov. Tex (TX30/87, Texas)