Table 9: Analysis of variance for total nonseeded biomass (g m−2) in Field 1 for 2009-2010. For details regarding the statistical analysis see Section 2.


Factor 1 (Nutr)1147446817.24.000
Factor 2 (Fert)1308840.36.549
Factor 3 (Treat)4197350723.07.001
Nutr Fert1811360.95.333
Nutr Treat43717234.35.003
Fert Treat426200.03.998
Nutr Fert Treat433260.04.997
Error 110085541
Nutr Year15520.04.836
Fert Year11048348.24.005
Treat Year4632464.97.001
Nutr Fert Year12320.02.893
Nutr Treat Year4255292.01.099
Fert Treat Year4153951.21.312
Nutr Fert Treat Year4179821.41.235
Error 210012726