Table 1: Results of water analyses conducted in April 2001, December 2001, and June 2002.

April 2001 December 2001June 2002

Water temperature (°C)30.431.
Dissolved oxygen (mg L−1)
Salinity (ppt)21.821.326.127.728.5
Ammoniacal nitrogen (mg L−1)0.0120.0211.0050.0140.010
Nitrite-nitrogen (mg L−1)0.0080.0280.1990.0140.005
Nitrate-nitrogen (mg L−1)0.0090.0120.0240.0050.028
Total dissolved nitrogen (mg L−1)0.6070.6912.5401.1650.375
Dissolved organic nitrogen (mg L−1)0.5790.6301.3121.1320.332
Particulate organic nitrogen (mg L−1)1.3201.1391.7741.5770.847
Total nitrogen (mg L−1)1.9271.8304.3142.7421.222
Dissolved inorganic phosphorus (mg L−1)0.0910.0860.4250.1500.029
Total dissolved phosphorus (mg L−1)0.1070.0860.8520.8190.078
Dissolved organic phosphorus (mg L−1)0.0170.0000.4270.6690.049
Particulate phosphorus (mg L−1)0.2180.1670.3150.1090.021
Total phosphorus (mg L−1)0.3250.2531.1670.9280.099
Particulate organic carbon (mg L−1)7.986.6310.24.995.04
Chlorophyll a (μg L−1)28.116.311.38.4410.2
BOD (mg L−1: 5 days at 20°C)