Table 2: Results from analyses of variance for the three measures of performance: percent survival, adult weight, and time to emergence. In all cases dish was used as the unit of replication. Most population/plant combinations had 9 dishes, except for the following: YG/Ac 12 dishes, YG/Ln 12 dishes, YG/Lp 12 dishes, YG/Ms 12 dishes, and all plant combinations for CP and MR had 12 dishes. The total number of dishes was 357.


Survival L. idas
 Plant × population4.003.463,730.02
Survival hybrid species
 Plant × population7.503.963,880.01
Survival L. melissa
 Plant × population9.993.266,960.006
Adult weight L. idas
 Plant2.110.523, 33.470.67
 Population0.490.141, 19.380.71
 Dish (plant, population) random47.784.0426, 74.00<0.0001
 Sex10.8111.872, 74.00<0.0001
Adult weight hybrid species
 Plant7.252.813, 48.090.049
 Population0.530.6131, 48.450.44
 Dish (plant, population) random14.900.7420, 30.000.76
 Sex1.291.281, 30.000.27
Adult weight L. melissa
 Plant21.227.253, 132.130.0002
 Population8.624.542, 154.100.01
 Dish (plant, population) random89.561.4484, 217.000.02
 Plant × population11.2415.151, 217.000.0001
 Sex25.934.396, 126.130.0005
Time to emergence L. idas
 Plant20.328.913, 59.17<0.0001
 Population0.690.991, 4.110.37
 Dish (plant, population) random19.340.9426, 75.000.55
 Sex3.872.452, 75.000.09
Time to emergence hybrid species
 Plant5.303.282, 25.820.05
 Population000, 28.001.00
 Dish (plant, population) random16.060.9520, 28.000.54
 Sex1.201.411, 28.000.25
 Plant × population6.043.612, 42.940.04
Time to emergence L. melissa
 Plant9.362.413, 106.230.07
 Population1.660.612, 99.010.54
 Dish (plant, population) random125.502.3484, 223.00<0.0001
 Sex24.1837.871, 223.00<0.0001