Table 3: Species sampled from pure American and backcrossed chestnut after two field seasons. Species are recorded with their percent abundance, habitat type plot from where they were sampled (C : center, FE : forest edge, and P : pine plot), whether they were found on the roots of adjacent P. virginiana and published GenBank accessions.

ECM GeneraRelative AbundancePlot SampledSampled on P. virginiana Accession

Scleroderma sp. 52%C, FE, PYesGU553366
Thelephora sp.13%C, PYesGU553377
Pisolithus sp.8%PYesGU553367
Oidiodendron sp.6%PNoGU553368
Cenococcum sp.4%C, FE, PNoGU553373
Laccaria sp.4%FENoGU553370
Russula sp.3%FENoGU553374
Unknown ECM3%FE, PYesGU553372
Thelephoraceae3%FE, PYesGU553376
Tomentella sp.2%FE, PNoGU553375
Lactarius sp. 1%FENoGU553369
Suillus sp. 1%PNoGU553371