Table 2: Matrix of hybridization distances ; see text for details) between all pairs of sympatric and allopatric populations. Above the diagonal, hybrids were identified using the “80–20” criterion; below the diagonal, hybrids were identified using the “90–10” criterion.

MT: Custer NF no.1 WY: Bighorn NF no.1 WY: Bighorn NF no.2 CO: Roosevelt NF MT: Custer NF no.2 WY: Medicine Bow NF ND: Little Missouri NG SD: Custer NF WY: Sand Creek NE: White River SD: Black Hills NF NE: Ponderosa SWMA SD: TNC Whitney Preserve NE: Nebraska NF SD: Ft. Meade NRA NE: Nenzel NE: TNC Niobrara Valley Preserve SD: Carpenter GPA ND: TNC Pigeon Point Preserve NE: Wiseman SWA SD: Newton Hills GPA

MT: Custer NF no.
WY: Bighorn NF no.
WY: Bighorn NF no.
CO: Roosevelt NF0.
MT: Custer NF no.
WY: Medicine Bow NF0.
ND: Little Missouri NG0.
SD: Custer NF0.
WY: Sand Creek0.320.320.320.250.320.320.320.320.
NE: White River0.
SD: Black Hills NF0.
NE: Ponderosa SWMA0.500.500.500.430.500.500.500.500.180.250.400.
SD: TNC Whitney Preserve0.
NE: Nebraska NF0.500.500.500.430.500.500.500.500.180.250.400.000.500.380.750.880.840.880.880.88
SD: Ft. Meade NRA0.500.500.500.430.500.500.500.500.180.250.400.000.500.000.380.500.460.500.500.50
NE: Nenzel0.880.880.880.800.880.880.880.880.550.630.780.380.880.380.380.
NE: TNC Niobrara Valley Preserve1.
SD: Carpenter GPA0.960.960.960.890.960.960.960.960.640.710.860.460.960.460.460.
ND: TNC Pigeon Point Preserve1.
NE: Wiseman SWA1.
SD: Newton Hills GPA0.960.960.960.890.960.960.960.960.640.710.860.460.960.460.460.