Table 1: The conservation status of major TWINSPAN Floristic Groups that contain the majority of plants and resident animals in Australia [79].

Formation/complexNo. of species analysedFloristic groups numberConservation reasonable

Monsoon rainforest (N.T.)5591631%
Dry scrub (SE Qld)4752926%
Eucalypt open forest27623749%
Eucalypt communities (SW W.A.)17613164%
Alpine heath and grassland5562467%
Mallee (including SW W.A.)3956241%
Desert Acacia 122910417%
Hummock grassland3031030%
Chenopod shrubland4101926%
Forested wetland8352924%
Freshwater swamp1392425%
Coastal dune vegetation3151669%
Coastal wetland743247%
Sclerophyll (heathy) understorey25812134%
Savanna (grassy) understorey13133911%
Hummock grass understorey3032035%
Humid & arid wetland1393013%