Table 1: The tropic response of C. sinica to persimmon leaves damaged (or undamaged) by Japanese wax scale at four different times of a day.

Odor sourceMayJulySeptember
Mean Tendency percentage -testMean Tendency percentage -testMean Tendency percentage -test

UD-a11.74.8951.09% NS11.73.9248.94% NS8.31.8932.05% **

UD-b11.07.3349.25% NS10.23.5649.19% NS14.79.2249.44% NS

UD-c13.27.4749.07% NS13.24.5647.31% NS10.25.4733.33% *

UD-d7.82.8148.96% NS9.72.2251.79% NS13.27.1449.07% NS

Notes: UD means undamaged persimmon trees leaves; D means damaged persimmon trees leaves; the following letters refer to the time of a day when the tests were conducted: a (1:00–3:00), b (7:00–9:00), c (13:00–15:00), and d (19:00–21:00); NS, not significant; ** /12; * /12.